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Sohn-mat is out now~!

Sohn-mat: Recipes and Flavors of Korean Home Cooking
by Monica Lee with Tien Nguyen

"Every bowl of soon tofu jjigae is its own delicious universe, alive and contained, fresh and bubbling. Reading Monica Lee's new cookbook, devoted to the expansive pleasures of the stew and its infinite variations, it's easy to see why her restaurant became so essential to Los Angeles and the city's multiplicity of tastes. From her structured broths, to her dadaegi, and right down to the way she cracks an egg into the bowl, these recipes offer instructions for cooking with Ms. Lee's sense of precision, care, and utter joy."

— Tejal Rao, Critic-at-Large, The New York Times

Sohn-mat cover reveal (1).jpg

From one of the country’s most beloved Korean restaurants, a master class in making the iconic Korean stew, soondubu jjigae, with recipes for everything to serve alongside it, including kimchi, banchan, grilled meats, and more. Pre-order now wherever good books are sold.

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